About Us

What Exactly Do We Do at  AMBA.academy?

It all started out as me trying to help out a close friend.

It was the year 2018, and a friend of mine was organizing a charity event.

Selling tickets and getting donations was proving too difficult for us, so I decided to try something new.

At that time, I was a freelance writer/online marketer on an online freelance marketplace.

I was doing really well, and getting lots of jobs and sales (which translated to money, plenty of it).

So, to help my friend sell more tickets and get more donations, I put out an offer on my personal Facebook profile.



I don’t really remember the exact offer I made, but I know I offered to teach anyone who was interested how I was getting sales as a freelance writer/marketer.

I was wowed by the number of people that showed interest and eventually committed by supporting my friend.

And that was it. That was how I started teaching.

Feedback was very favorable and encouraging.

The market demand kept growing.

And what used to be just me teaching my family and friends how I do the stuff that I do—from writing, to freelancing, to executing marketing campaigns—turned to a full blown business (in this case, AMBA.academy) servicing over 1,000 dedicated and committed freelancers and business owners.

It grew beyond me, and stopped being a one-man show.

I got some people onboard to help out. Really awesome people (an enjoyable, albeit tasking, experience).

Here is a picture of us (not everyone) having our monthly lunch ‘date’.

I’m the one wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of glasses. Hehehehe



We used to just focus on helping business owners and freelancers grow their businesses and increase sales.

But with a bigger business came more responsibilities.

The increased income is one.

They have to keep most of it. Find a way to save it, and then invest it (at the right time and in the right vehicle).

They also have to worry about time management and building efficient systems at work because they now have to deal with more customers, and maybe more employees.

Their relationships is also something to worry about. 

Bigger business almost always means less free time, and that eats away from the time they should spend with their family, friends, and loved ones. It may even end up affecting their social lives.

After months of hearing our community members complain about these issues, we knew we had to do something.

And that was how we expanded to teaching a lot of other things asides our core field (Marketing).

It’s been a lot of fun though.

I’m really glad and excited about how far we have gone, and how much we have grown.

I’m even more excited, and grateful, to have you here—just like the other 1,000+ freelancers and business owners.

Thank you for believing in us.

Thank you for betting on us.

Thank you for being here.

  Knowledge from AMBA.academy, when applied correctly, will change your business, income, and your life.  

I’ll talk to you soon,

Meziem Desire,

Co-Founder & CEO,


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